The comfort for the body is a Peaceful Mind.

Mind is peaceful when it stays connected with the INSPIRING FEEL of the Soul.

Our 'Peaceful FEEL of the Soul is hijacked.

1. When we follow crowd or rush where there is a queue.

2. When we borrow for pleasures of today to repay with pain.

3. When we grieve, worry, fear, get angered or stressed.

4. When we experience 'disgust in envy', 'restlessness in greed' and 'arrogance in pride'.

Let us therefore, learn to follow the INSPIRING FEEL (Soul) that guides the Mind to stay, or go where we can breathe free as 'individuals' and not suffocate as 'personalities’ in crowd.

Let us not surrender to 'impulse of provocations' and barter our peace for temporary pleasures.

Let us pause and focus on the 'Inspiring Feel' when 'provoked by envy', 'tempted by greed' or 'blinded with pride of identity'.

The 'pause' will prevent our Soul - FEEL from getting hijacked and keep us in peace and in one piece.

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