"Nobility Enriches The Soul"

Each night, when the family retires to sleep, It is usual for me to just get couple of hours sleep and wake-up midway during the night.
This has been the daily routine. In the stillness of the night, I pass my wakefulness sometimes browsing the net and sometimes getting inspired to ponder, reflect and contemplate on right-wrong, good-bad, appropriate - inappropriate in life.
One such night, I experienced a strange chest pain, while pondering continued, the pain seem to worsen - such as if the heart is giving way and will stop functioning.

So that was it! - It seemed as if the life is going to end, and "the Soul" would part from the body.

Feeling the pain, the mind sought an answer: "As a soul, what will I carry with me after I leave the body?"

Suddenly words as thoughts, flashed in my mind, "nobility enriches the soul", the words enthralled me. It seemed like an enlightenment. Noble acts of my family in my lifetime flashed and explained many things as purpose in life and also as purpose of life.
Felt I should record the realisation by writing it down, but paining chest disabled me from writing. The pain seemed like an alarm that the soul would leave anytime and the heart would stop functioning.

Walking seemed to give relief. I continued to walk up and down.

The light in my daughter's room was on. It occurred to me, since I am unable to write, why not share this inspiration to my daughter so that she can share 'my last words' that summarised what the Soul will carry from life.

Entering her room, I spoke, "Sakina, may I share something different with you? Would you listen?
Getting her nod, I began, as if, dictating my last words to record them in her mind so that she can share it with other's when I would be 'no more' the next day.

Having poured the flowing thoughts with instances that flashed my mind, I returned to my room and prayed to Allah, "you flashed in my mind an interesting point on purpose of life, why not I continue to live and share this message with people?
The heart pain stopped. I continued to stay awake till the break of the dawn.

(This incident happened around mid of Dec. 2017. saifysaraiya@gmail.com)

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