Divisive and destructive thoughts in the Mind leads to Disease in Body, epidemic in the society and thus affects the sanctity of the Nation.

A disputing divisive mind-set is a disease producing body and a hating mind-set is a self destructive cancer-inviting body.

Integrating Mind brings ease to the body allowing internal organs to function smoothly and to stay in perfect shape as a step towards an upgraded existence in the next Life.

Government that unite mankind by decisions that are kind to man are evidenced by peaceful progress their nation is making.

Oppressive governments polarizes citizens with "divide and rule" policy, pitting one against 'the other' and instigating fear and hatred in the name of caste and cultural difference. Their strategy is to subdue free choice, control and expand their support base. Such government and their blind active and the passive supporters ultimately lead their nations to ruin.

Let us be aware who we are choosing to head our beloved nation.

Let us vote for the government that talks of peace not war, a government that unites and integrates citizens, a government that promotes harmony, unity and equitable growth of all sections of civic society.

Yes, let our vote be for the government that is non divisive, treats all citizens equally and thus ensures well-being, harmony and abundance in the nation.

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